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Home Improvements And Replacement For Attic Ladders

November 29th, 2012

Attic Ladders

When coming up with new ways to improve your home, there seems to be just so much to do. Turning furniture and fixtures all over to find the perfect spot and have an ergonomic placement of each piece. There’s also the issue of looking for different flooring options if you want to change how the floor looks and feels like. One thing that you might be forgetting out of the long list of things to improve in your house hold would be attic ladders. If you are going to undergo home improvement and renovation, might as well do it with every nook and cranny in your house. To learn more about attic ladders, here are some helpful information.

attic ladders

What Are Attic Ladders

Attic ladders provide a convenient way to get up to your attic which you can either turn in to a new room, or a storage room to put all the things in the house that you rarely use or don’t use at all. Of course, there are a multitude of different types of attic ladders and you need to decide on which one you would want to get. Some houses have attics but lack the right kind of ladder. Some ladders are too rickety and would make it cumbersome for one to go up and bring along things to place in the storage room. Here are a few types of attic ladders that you may want to choose from.


Types Of Attic Ladders

If you’re not going for anything fancy, you can go for the standard attic ladders. It consists of a folding ladder that is connected to a pull down flap which you can install as the attic opening. This is ideal if you require frequent trips to your attic. It is designed for just that function, quick and easy trips to your attic. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose to go for budget attic ladders. The opening will be a bit smaller compared to the standard ones, but it still does a good job of being a good option. Some of these ladders are even made of aluminium.

There are a lot of things you can learn about attic ladders through the internet. Although this article may have given you some information about the topic, there are still more information to learn yet. The best thing to do is to search your favourite search engine for information on attic ladders before deciding on getting one to make a well informed buying decision.

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Home Renovations: Roof Windows

November 20th, 2012

Roof Windows

Are you looking for more light in your house but don’t want to install more light? The best solution for this would be perhaps roof windows. Roof windows are just like regular windows; they both do the same thing. The only difference between the two would be that the roof window is a window that has been incorporated in the house as part of the roof. There are a lot of things that you need to know when it comes to roof windows. This would be a perfect way to add more light in your house without having to add up to your monthly electrical bill. If you have plans for home renovations, roof windows may be what you need.

roof windows


How Roof Windows Can Enhance Your House

Roof windows do more than just add aesthetic value to your house.  It also helps you make your house look brighter without having to spend a lot of money with electrical stuff. Imagine walking in a hall way in the middle of the day as sun rays bleed through the roof windows.  This would really add some appeal to your house.

Another thing that it gives your house would be proper ventilation. You can open the roof windows at 45 degrees to let more air in the house. You can plan ahead if you wish to install roof windows as part of your home renovations; you can always plan out where to strategically place it so that it can give you more air inside the house. Don’t worry about its accessibility, roof windows are easy to install, easy to open and close, and easy to clean. These roofs are made of different materials; most of them are made of sturdy window glass. If you want to get the best one, go for those that are water resistant and rust proof.


Buying Roof Windows for Home Improvements

There are indeed a lot of things that you can do to renovate your house, and one of them would be installing roof windows. They can come in many different shapes and designs. The information you’ve read here isn’t all there is to know about roof windows. You can find even more valuable information when you go online. Simply look for more information in your favorite search engines, or go to sites that are giving out information about roof windows.

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Home Improvement Made Easy

August 23rd, 2012

Most everyone aspires to someday live in their dream home: one that perfectly suits your needs, tastes and preferences. A place that you can truly settle down in for the rest of your life that offers you the lifestyle that you’re looking for in your later years. But since homes are already such a big investment in both resources and time, a dream home might seem to be even more of an investment.

For many people, a time often comes when the need to move to a different town, city, or country. This puts whatever investment you’ve already invested into creating your own dream home on indefinite hold while you go search for greater opportunities elsewhere.

This is when you want to be smarter about how you improve your dream home. Potentially, you could spruce it up some more to improve its resale value or even rent it out. Doing this will assure you that you still get your money’s worth from all the different home improvements you’re already made or still plan to make to your dream home. Even the slightest and most subtle improvement could significantly add value to your home, if you know where to start.

This is, in fact, why most kinds of home improvement projects are undertaken: to increase a house’s resale value. This is because the real estate industry is so incredibly competitive.

So, what simple things can you do to improve the resale value of your dream home while still keeping it hassle and stress free? Here are a few tips:

Fixing the Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home that’s seen a few years. It, in turn, also does wonders for the home’s resale value by adding much more to it than what it would cost to repaint the home. Conversely, homes with faded and chipped-off paint jobs have significantly lower resale values even if it does have superior amenities. It’s all about appearances and aesthetics. You could invest on hiring a professional crew to do the paint job for your or, if you’re feeling confident, you could even do it yourself.

Fixing the Fence

Again, a home’s resale value can be significantly affected by how it looks from the outside, the most immediate of which is your fence. It is, once again, all about appearances and aesthetics, and just like the paint, getting your fences fixed and repainted is a fairly cheap way to give your home’s resale value a big boost.

Fix the Floor

This option can be a lot pricier compared to the first two, but it’s well worth it. Consider investing in under floor heating if your home is situated in a colder environment. Under floor heating can be expensive but with significantly up your home’s resale value.

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Home Improvement: Creating Your Own Comfort Zone

August 15th, 2012

Your home is your own personal sanctuary. It’s the place you go to at the end of everyday. It is also an extension of your personality and who you are. This is what drives people to constantly seek to improve their homes. It is the same thing that drives self-improvement.

So, now you think to yourself “How am I supposed to pay for all these home improvements?” This part is where lots of different people stop dreaming about their ideal home, which is a real shame because there is a very real and very viable option: home improvement loans.

The main driving force behind the improvement of a home is initially triggered by the desire for comfort. This desire can be woefully restrained by financial inflexibility. This is exactly where home improvement loans come it handy.

Every homeowner is qualified to apply for a home improvement loan and most banks offer this package. These plans also cover most of any kind of improvement of physical home extensions. Be it for a new conservatory, new kitchen, a heating system, plumbing, rewiring, or any sort of remodeling you can fathom for your home.

You can fund this loan with the help secured loans, remortgaging, or taking an advance on your mortgage. Another thing you can do is put your home’s equity back into your home. These improvements can increase your homes equity, while also providing you with your desired comforts. In many cases where homes and property were not desirable enough for sale, improvements to its structure are often the answer.

If your primary motivation behind improvement is to improve on the value of your home, it will be good to focus on improvements that are proven to drive the home’s resale value up. It’s important to note that not every improvement does this, so make sure you get the best results from your improvements, in both personal value and to the home’s resale value.

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Roof Windows: An Informative Guide

August 11th, 2012

In today’s environmentally conscious world, roof windows, also known as skylights or rooflights, have become a very popular and very practical part of many homes. There are now more window styles available in the market than ever.

Although they were always a common feature in many attic bedrooms, the skylight has now become an essential part of any modern home to admit the entry of natural light. Rooflights make a great addition to many parts of the house, given the many varied styles that are available in a variety of designs and sizes.

Extensions on the ground floor gain a particular benefit from the additional natural light. Almost all windows can just be slotted in with ease and very little alteration to its framework. Most of the skylights readily available on the market are more suitable for flat and pitched roofs, although some models may specify a particular suitability for one over the other. It is also highly advised to consult a professional before you start any work on extensions.

The main appeal of a skylight is its inherent quality of letting light pass through the walls of the house. With our better understanding of the vast benefits of natural sunlight to the human body, modern homes have started to incorporate them. Overall, the rooflight has become a big sell in terms of personal wellbeing and architectural aesthetics.

There are a number of accessories that are available for compatibility with many roof windows. These including window blinds, safety locks and opening poles. Window blinds are available in many styles, like blackout and light dimming models. Many of these can also be controlled electronically or remotely. Some of these roof windows can even operate external blinds, which are specially designed to regulate how much heat enters a room.

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Wooden Loft Ladders: Knowing Your Ladders

August 3rd, 2012

It’s always great to find that you can still make the most out of your home space by doing a little home improvement. One of the most popular ways to maximize your space is by utilizing your attic, either by turning it into another bedroom for your house, extra storage space that’s a lot nicer that it usually is, of even a nice and private working area of office right in the comfort of your own home. What you will need it any of these situations is a good wooden loft ladders.

There are many different styles of these types of ladders. You can go for the popular fold-up ladder. You can try a stationary ladder that leads straight to the attic. You can also opt for a sliding ladder that comes down from the ceiling of your top floor. The reason why wood is a better material for a loft ladder rather than metal is that there not only are more beautiful to look at, but they also more likely fit into the look of the rest of your home. That is unless you life in a house made of metal. Wooden loft ladders are also much more discreet and quiet compared to metal ladders.

Things to consider before you decide on a type of ladder to use as your loft ladder is that you need to determine the amount of space you have available for the ladder to fit into the area. You also have to consider how often you will be use the ladder and how often you will be making your way up its steps.

A stationary ladder is good if you’ll be going up its steps on a daily basis, like if you have an office in the attic. Folder of slide ladders are good for when you would prefer to have the entry to the attic be easily and neatly packed up and hid, that way it’s out of everyone’s way during days that you don’t need climb up those stairs.

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Home Improvements for the Summer and What it Adds to Your Home’s Value

July 15th, 2012

Along with the change in seasons, your home must go through its own changes itself. After all, your home in the summer won’t be the same as it is the winter. There has been a long standing tradition of seasonal home improvement in the Australia and despite the recent economic crisis, Americans are still heading down to Home Depot in preparation of doing a little home remodeling for the summer.

Here are two of the most popular improvement projects for your home that are well worth your time, home hardware, and hard-earned cash.


Building an in-ground pool is a highly popular home improvements project for the summer not only because of the benefits and recreation that it offers, but also because it adds considerable value to your home’s resale price.

But before jump straight into this project, here are some things that you might want to consider first. Building an in-ground pool will cost you somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000, depending on the scale of the project and the materials you’re going to use. Other costs involve the pool’s maintenance cost, which can go up to $2,000. Another thing to consider is the state you live in since many states require homeowners to either cover or fence-in their pools. This adds more to the pool’s cost and insurance liability.


A deck is a must-have for all American homes. In fact, if you live in a house that doesn’t have one, you are wasting a lot of space and possibly even money because of it. Any kind of deck is quite possibly one of the best investments you could make on your home.

Much of this value comes in the form of how much you can recoup in the house’s resale value. For example, a wooden deck will cost you about $11,000, 73% of which you will recoup in the house’s resale value. A composite deck for about $16,000 will let you recoup around 66% of the cost in resale value.

Having a deck is so important to real estate that it’s actually more practical to add one to your home rather then a new bathroom would, or even replacing a roof. The only home improvement projects that let you recoup more out of the home’s resale value are a garage door replacement and a steel entry-door replacement. A deck has the same recoup rate as that of

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September 4th, 2009

Mr Rudd’s Insulation Rebate is taking off since it was introduced on 1 July 2009 where landowners are entitled to up to $1600 to insulate their home and we have just been informed by the government that effective 1 September 2009 rental properties will also be entitled to up to $1600 per rental property.  ALOT of people are getting their homes insulated for free under the rebate and we have had great feedback from customers that it has made a great difference in the warmth to their home (they will also be pleased when they see that their heating bills will have decreased).

If you have not got insulation why not ring us or check the official website to see if you are eligible and NO it is not means tested.

We have had a great few months with some of our other products including skylights, velux roof windows and also Speedheat Underfloor Heating.  It is good to see people thinking of the environmentally friendly way to heat their homes and allowing natural light into rooms instead of switching on the light.

With Christmas approaching and nearing the end of another school year we all need to think about storing the Christmas tree and all the sentimental drawings etc that our children have done at school for the year – this is where an attic ladder will be useful.  Use the room in that ceiling that is being wasted so that you can have “out-of-sight” storage.

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August 11th, 2009

Hello once again!! Winter is slowly making its way past us; it is now in its last month. I must say that I’m glad because I really don’t like the cold. However the cold is only outside… Why? Because I got some insulation and speedheat installed! I couldn’t believe the difference it made – its so warm and toasty inside I don’t ever want to leave my home. I’ll tell you more about them in the next few paragraphs…
As the government rebate scheme for free insulation continues the amount of installation jobs we are getting, is going through the roof. Our new lady, in the shopping centres, is giving us plenty of leads to follow up and enquiries are coming from all corners. And we’re finally getting our money back too!!! Because it is winter we get rain in sporadic downpours. This can be a pain especially when we would like to install insulation. Yet if this happens when we have been scheduled to install yours, then we give you a friendly call to let you know what’s going on and to reschedule as soon as possible.
For those of you who don’t know, the government has come up with a rebate scheme to supply every house in Australia with either $1,000 (for rentals) or $1,600 (for home owners) of insulation (conditions apply). If the estimate for your house comes above the grant, you will be required to pay the balance if you chose to go ahead. Otherwise if it’s the same as or under the grant amount, then you get FREE insulation!!!
Another product that is great for Winter is Speedheat Under-floor Heating which can be installed under tiles, carpet, rugs/mats, wooden floors or any floor covering. Imagine getting up in the morning and, instead of stepping onto a cold floor, it’s nice and warm; walking into your bathroom, braced for the cold tiles and…they’re warm as can be; after you’ve showered and dressed, walking down gently heated hallway to a snug living area. Your feet need never to be cold again!!!
Also a relatively new speedheat idea: a mirror demister. It gets installed behind your bathroom mirrors, and keeps them at an even temperature so that after you’ve had your shower the mirror is still crystal clear. It works really well; no more wiping down the mirror, leaving ugly streaks behind – it’s already clear as a bell!
With cloudy days, your house can become a little gloomy. Lights work but they take electricity and don’t give the same look as the beautiful natural light outside. Well how about Velux roof windows and/or skylights? Their great designs allow the outdoor light to filter in through the roof to enhance the dark, dreary rooms inside. Imagine lying on your bed (mainly for summer!) and being able to see the moon and stars in the night sky. Or showing visitors around your sunlit home…
*NEW* We are now advertising a great product for those garden/plant lovers out there. Garden Bay Windows are fitted into your existing window frame and have two shelves on which you can put your plants. You will have ease-of-access inside your home to your favourite plants. It can even come in very handy; for example if you chose to install it in your kitchen, you could grow your herbs and flavouring plants within easy reach. At the bottom of the ‘window’, excess water is drained on the outside of your house – similar to a down pipe from your gutter. Interested? Call us now on (08) 97257700 or email us with your details to
So to those throughout the Greater South West (including Augusta, Balingup, Boyanup, Bridgetown, Collie, Darkan, Frankland, Katanning, Kojonup, Mandurah, Pemberton, Prevelley, Wagin, and Yarloop) of our great country, have a good think about getting insulation installed; consider spoiling yourself with a skylight/Velux window (or two) or some Speedheat. It’s not just about spoiling yourself: the electricity bill will also go down – the skylights decreasing the need for lights and speedheat decreasing your heating costs… We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Winter Woes

June 30th, 2009

It really feels like winter now with all the storms and freezing weather that have been blowing around. I’ve found it gets very annoying rugging up to keep warm in the house – you should only be dressing up to go outside. If you have this sort of problem or you’re receiving a large electrical bill for your heating costs, why not consider installing some of our underfloor heating (ie. Speedheat and Coldbuster) and insulation. The underfloor heating can go under your carpets, lino, tiles, wooden floors or even under a rug! Because hot air rises, the idea of underfloor heating is extremely smart – warming first your toes and then working its way up to the ceiling. Generally a lot of heat is lost throught the ceiling, so we also install insulation – thus trapping the heat inside your house. But it gets even better…
As of July the 1st, the government rebate scheme (if you don’t know what this is check out our previous posts) is changing so that you don’t pay out any money at all (If your quote is $1600 or under. If it is over $1600, you will pay only the balance.). At the moment you are paying us and sending out the paperwork after which the government reimburses you. But after the 1st of July the government will pay us directly.

By installing both underfloor heating and insulation, not only will you majorly decrease your heating bills but you and your family will enjoy a cosy, warm home all winter long!

Being cooped up inside due to bad weather always emphasises the lack of space in your home – storage space. Where to put the Christmas decorations, kids old school projects, camping gear or sentimental keepsakes? Well how about your roofspace? In most homes there is enough space between the ceiling and the roof to be transformed into a storage room. But how to get up there safely and easily? Install an Attic Ladder! These ladders are more like a folding staircase which when not in use can be folded back up into your roof – and all that you can see is what looks like a manhole cover… For more information and to check out our page on Attic Ladders, please click on the link at the top of the page.

Lack of space isn’t the only thing that winter weather highlights: Less sunlight means that its darker inside your home. Dim hallways and poorly lit rooms means constantly turning lights on and off. Once again there’s a solution! Skylights and Velux roof windows let the outdoor light into your home, illuminating your passages and rooms. They are available in many sizes, prices, shapes, colours and designs – click on the link at the top of the page for more information.

So to end this, we have many ways and ideas to end your winter woes. We are not limited to just the Bunbury area – our area extends throughout the South-West and further! If you live in Manjimup, Darkan, Bridgetown, Augusta, Busselton and anywhere in between, don’t think we won’t come out because we will!! So why not contact us now on (08) 97257700 or send us an email using the above link. We look forward to hearing from you…

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