Hello once again!! Winter is slowly making its way past us; it is now in its last month. I must say that I’m glad because I really don’t like the cold. However the cold is only outside… Why? Because I got some insulation and speedheat installed! I couldn’t believe the difference it made – its so warm and toasty inside I don’t ever want to leave my home. I’ll tell you more about them in the next few paragraphs…
As the government rebate scheme for free insulation continues the amount of installation jobs we are getting, is going through the roof. Our new lady, in the shopping centres, is giving us plenty of leads to follow up and enquiries are coming from all corners. And we’re finally getting our money back too!!! Because it is winter we get rain in sporadic downpours. This can be a pain especially when we would like to install insulation. Yet if this happens when we have been scheduled to install yours, then we give you a friendly call to let you know what’s going on and to reschedule as soon as possible.
For those of you who don’t know, the government has come up with a rebate scheme to supply every house in Australia with either $1,000 (for rentals) or $1,600 (for home owners) of insulation (conditions apply). If the estimate for your house comes above the grant, you will be required to pay the balance if you chose to go ahead. Otherwise if it’s the same as or under the grant amount, then you get FREE insulation!!!
Another product that is great for Winter is Speedheat Under-floor Heating which can be installed under tiles, carpet, rugs/mats, wooden floors or any floor covering. Imagine getting up in the morning and, instead of stepping onto a cold floor, it’s nice and warm; walking into your bathroom, braced for the cold tiles and…they’re warm as can be; after you’ve showered and dressed, walking down gently heated hallway to a snug living area. Your feet need never to be cold again!!!
Also a relatively new speedheat idea: a mirror demister. It gets installed behind your bathroom mirrors, and keeps them at an even temperature so that after you’ve had your shower the mirror is still crystal clear. It works really well; no more wiping down the mirror, leaving ugly streaks behind – it’s already clear as a bell!
With cloudy days, your house can become a little gloomy. Lights work but they take electricity and don’t give the same look as the beautiful natural light outside. Well how about Velux roof windows and/or skylights? Their great designs allow the outdoor light to filter in through the roof to enhance the dark, dreary rooms inside. Imagine lying on your bed (mainly for summer!) and being able to see the moon and stars in the night sky. Or showing visitors around your sunlit home…
*NEW* We are now advertising a great product for those garden/plant lovers out there. Garden Bay Windows are fitted into your existing window frame and have two shelves on which you can put your plants. You will have ease-of-access inside your home to your favourite plants. It can even come in very handy; for example if you chose to install it in your kitchen, you could grow your herbs and flavouring plants within easy reach. At the bottom of the ‘window’, excess water is drained on the outside of your house – similar to a down pipe from your gutter. Interested? Call us now on (08) 97257700 or email us with your details to
So to those throughout the Greater South West (including Augusta, Balingup, Boyanup, Bridgetown, Collie, Darkan, Frankland, Katanning, Kojonup, Mandurah, Pemberton, Prevelley, Wagin, and Yarloop) of our great country, have a good think about getting insulation installed; consider spoiling yourself with a skylight/Velux window (or two) or some Speedheat. It’s not just about spoiling yourself: the electricity bill will also go down – the skylights decreasing the need for lights and speedheat decreasing your heating costs… We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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